About Panorama Gallery

The Panorama Gallery is the internet gallery for panoramic photographs in color and black and white showing classic made panoramas made with cameras like Noblex, XPan, Horizon, Widelux, Technorama, Fotoman, Widepan, Widelux, Roundshot, Lookaround, GX617.

If you want to join the Panorama Gallery, send an email to webmaster@panorama-gallery.com. There are no costs for members!

The Panorama Gallery focus on panorama images, the images are more important then the creating process behind them.
Starting January 2006 we open the new section DIGITAL GALLERY for panorama photographers running a fully or partiallly digital process using a digital panorama camera (Seitz Digital Roundshot, Spherocam,..) or using a analog camera with digital postprocessing or a fully digital workflow using a DSLR.
Please note: We want to keep the quality at the current high level and dont accept panorama images with obvious stitching trails (eg. change of color temperature or visible seams). We focus on the traditional flat panorama type, so currently no interactive panoramas (QTVR) or flat versions of 360x180.

Feel free to send any comments, critics and suggestions to webmaster@panorama-gallery.com.

Sven Hafner, Editor
January 2012



Camera Equipment:  
Dayi 617 2
Hasselblad Xpan I+II / TX 46
Horizon S3 2
Horizon 202 13
Horizont 1
Fuji G(X)617 14
Noblex 135 10
Noblex 150 6
Noblex 175 1
Roundshot 3
Linhof Technorama 617 6
Fotoman 617 9
Fotoman 612 1
Fotoman 624 1
Gaoersi 61x 1
V-Pan 1
Widelux 7
Widepan 1
Ansco Panocam 2
Non-Pano with back 4
Other 617 2
Photographer Location :  
Australia 18
Austria 3
Belgium 1
Brazil 1
Canada 1
Chile 1
China 1
France 8
Germany 14
Greece 1
Hungary 2
Ireland 2
Indonesia 1
Israel 1
Italy 4
Mexico 3
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 2
Poland 1
Romania 3
Russsia 1
Singapore 4
Slovenja 1
Spain 2
South Africa 3
Switzerland 2
Taiwan 2
UK 7
US 22

News in and about the Panorama Gallery
December 2011
Members: 114

New member:
Christophe Lesueur, France
Sanjay Sen, US
Istvan Szabo, Hungary
Sergio Sartori, Italy

July 2011
Members: 110

New member:
Tony Wainwright, UK

July 2010
Members: 109

New member:
Dirk Krutke, Germany
Matthew Mallett, Australia
Rafal Trebacz, Poland
Boris Marrone, Australia

February 2010
Members: 105

New member:
Shailendra Dhanoa

January 2010
Members: 104

New member:
Kurt Norline, US
Komkrit Thusanapanont, US

December 2009
Members: 102

New member:
Thomas J. Biesewig, Germany/Singapore
Jim Blomfield, Canada

September 2009
Members: 100

New member:
Igor F Firdauzi, Indonesia
Paolo Buatti, Italy

August 2009
Members: 98

New member:
Patricio Michelin, France
Marc Steiner, France

February 2009
Members: 96

New member:
Andrew McNeil , Australia
Katalin LÚvai, Hungary

December 2008
Members: 94

New member:
David Waugh , Australia
Kaden Kratzer, US

October 2008
Members: 92

New member:
Pavlov Filatov, Russia
Christopher Timmermann, Austria
Andrew Nee Yeh Ching, Singapore

August 2008
Members: 89

New member:
Wolfgang Mothes , Germany
Uwe aka Look-Book, Germany
Richard Broecklesby, UK
Yang Wei Jen, Taiwan

March 2008
Members: 85

New member:
Roland Wagner, Germany
Miha Hadl, Slovenja

February 2008
Members: 83

New member:
Francisco Bermejo, Chile

January 2008
Members: 82

New member:
Sam Burns, Australia
Lawrance Brennon, South Africa
Christian Flueraru, Romania

December 2007
Members: 79

New member:
Jon Conforth, US
Vlad Eftenie, Romania
Dean Sharp, US

November 2007
Members: 76

New member:
Dylan McBurney, Ireland
Joris Luyten, Belgium
Joergen Geerds, US

August 2007
Members: 73

New member:
Peter Clark , Australia
Thorsten Kern, Germany
Charles Pertwee, Singapore
Dominque Lebreton, France

July 2007
Members: 69

New member:
Casey Smith, Australia
Pete Leeming, UK

May 2007
Members: 67

New member:
Oswaldo Ramirez. Mexico D.F.
Gustavo Prado, Germany

John Soderlund, South Africa

March 2007
Members: 64

New member:
Francisco José Marín Fatuarte, Spain
Matt Lauder, Australia

February 2007
Members: 62

New member:
José Téllez Elías Némer, Mexcio

20.january 2007
Members: 61

New member:

Matt Logue , US

1.january 2007
Members: 60

New member:

Richard Chang, Taiwan
Paul Droluk, China
J Michael Sullivan, US

26.december 2006
Members: 57

New member:

Detlef Zille, Germany
Jan Freijer, Netherlands
Tom Wylie, UK
Steffen Stockmeyer, Germany

3.december 2006
Members: 53

New member:

Chad Lancaster, US
Eric Chan, US

3.december 2006
Members: 51

New member:

Antonio D'Ambrosio, Italy (The 50th member of the Panorama Gallery)
Troy Freund, US

29.november 2006
Members: 49

New member:

Matthew Cargill, South Africa

15.november 2006
Members: 48

New member:

Keith Anderson, Australia

8.october 2006
Members: 47

New member:

Philip Pankov, Ireland
Klaus Esser, Germany

4.october 2006
Members: 46

New member:

Bernhard Hartmann, Germany
Peter Barton, UK
Hans Gasser, Austria
Lazar Kaufman, Israel
Mark Wilson, Australia
Tony Tyter, Australia
Steven Karl Metzer, US

6.september 2006
Members: 38

New member:

Geoff Heaton, Australia
Vassilis Makris, Greece
Dave Di M. Martino, US
Harsh Agrawal, US
Peter Markowich, Austria

Updated tech section
Added Book section (10 entries)

26.june 2006
Members: 32

New member:

Oscar Garrido, Spain
Loui Skenderis, US
Terence Tay, Singapore
Matthew Joseph, New Zealand

Updated tech section
Added Book section

23.april 2006
Members: 29

New member:

Rolf Hicker,Canada,Germany
Adrian Lupea, Romania
Patrick Caloz, Switzerland
Mike Stacey, Australia

16.january 2006
Members: 25

New member:

David Miller, US
Scott Webster, US
Pascal Curtil, France
Mark Gray, Australia
Brian Walton, New Zealand
John Sanchez, US
Octavio Hoyos, Mexico

15.december 2005
Members: 18

New member:

Chris Hawkins, UK
Hendro Soetrisno, Australia

15.november 2005
Members: 16

New member:

Pietro Canali, Italy
Axel Mertens, Australia

8.september 2005
Members: 14
Guests: 9

New member:

Ernst Steiner, Germany
Peter Gibney, Australia
Gil Garcia, Brazil


20. april 2005
Members: 11
Guests: 10

New member:

Pilipe Andre, France
Steve Walton, UK
Ian Rolfe, Australia


25. november 2004
Members: 6
Guests: 8

New member:

Stephan Sulser, Switzerland

New interactive Link page, Visitors can submit panoramic or photographic links

10. november 2004
Members: 5
Guests: 8

General Makeover of the Panorama Gallery

+ Changed logo and look
+ Members and guests can directly upload images

26. october 2004
Members: 5
Guests: 8

New member:
Michel Guigue, France
Yves Berrier

New entry in the guest gallery:
Paul Droluk from Fotoman Camera Ltd.


01. may 2004
Members: 3
Guests: 7

New entry in the guest gallery:
Axel Mertens, Australia
Andrew George, Netherlands

27. march 2004
Members: 3
Guests: 5

New entry in the guest gallery:
Leif Karlson, Norway
Cole, Michigan, US
Dierk Topp, Lapalma, Spain

22. december 2003
Members: 3
Guests: 2

New entry in the guest gallery: Dimitri Lee, Brazil
New Images from Reinhold Schmelz
New Images from Sven Hafner

We opened our gallery the first time for panoramic  photographers that work in color but with traditional equipment.

16. April 2002
Members: 3
Guests: 1

The section with technical information about panoramic photography is openend. 

Panorama Gallery can now be found in:
* ALTAVISTA (ww.altavista.com)

Panorama Gallery now listed in:
* Agora Gallery NYC (www.agora-gallery.com)

02. March 2002
Members: 3
Guests: 1

Panorama Gallery can now be found in:
* GOOGLE (ww.google.com)
   * DMOZ (www.dmoz.org)
   * Yahoo (www.yahoo.com)

09. January 2002
Members: 3
Guests: 1

Entry in the guest gallery: Robin Stege, Germany

Panorama Gallery now listed in:
* Kunst-und-Kultur (www.kunst-und-kultur.com)
   * Photolinks (www.photolinks.com)

05. January 2002
Members: 3

The third Member joins the Panorama Gallery:

Reinhold Schmelz (Mainz, Germany)

03. January 2002
Members: 2

The second Member joins the Panorama Gallery:

Herman Krieger (Oregon, USA)

01. January 2002
Members: 1

The Panorama Gallery was born and is accessible via the internet.